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4 Ways AC Maintenance Saves You Money

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When it comes to home maintenance, your AC system is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, AC maintenance is one service that sets you up for significant money savings in the future. As your top air conditioning contractor in Ft. Lauderdale, Comfort Zone Air Conditioning wants to help you save every penny you can with our top-rated maintenance work. Read on to see just some of the ways our services can cut costs in the long run and keep your money in your pocket.

Fewer Repairs

Scheduling professional maintenance services at least twice a year can potentially prevent the need for costly AC repair work. Because the HVAC system is one of the most expensive installations in your home, repair bills can add up quickly and leave a significant strain on your wallet. A much cheaper and less stressful alternative, AC maintenance can stop problems within your AC system before they start and spares you the hassle of frequent repair jobs.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Your HVAC system is one of the biggest consumers of your home's electricity. As your unit ages over time, it will draw more energy to keep up with your house's demand for cool air. Neglecting to have your AC system serviced over the years only worsens this problem and sticks you with a higher than necessary utility bill each month. However, routine AC maintenance helps counteract this loss of efficiency and spare you those higher electricity costs. If you suspect that your AC system is to blame for your home's decreased energy efficiency, then a thorough maintenance call might be all you need to turn the situation around.

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Prevent An Early Replacement

The average residential AC unit lasts approximately 15 years, but not giving it proper cleaning and maintenance can cut its lifespan short long before that mark. This leaves you with the need for a replacement unit, which is a hefty expense. Eventually, all units will need to be replaced, but maximizing the service life of yours can spare you the high cost of a replacement for years and ensure that you get your money's worth out of the one you already have.

Protect Health And Property

The humidity in Florida is one of the trademarks of its weather, and it can have quite an effect on your home's indoor air quality and belongings if your AC unit isn't properly managing it. Excess humidity indoors leads to mold growth on things like furniture, clothing, drapes, and even walls. Restoring or replacing these items after an attack of mold can put an unexpected dent in your finances. Furthermore, mold growth and general poor air quality can lead to health problems for you and your family members. On top of dealing with menacing allergy symptoms, you'll also likely face an expense from medications, doctor's visits, and other treatments to get relief. You can avoid these issues and prevent mold growth by staying on top of your home's AC maintenance. Keeping this system in good condition helps it regulate humidity in your home and prevent the dreaded presence of mold. That way, you can promote better health and also protect the items in your house.

Comfort Zone Air Conditioning: Your Top Ft. Lauderdale AC Contractor

If you're convinced of the power of routine AC maintenance, then the next step is finding an air conditioning contractor you can rely on. In the Ft. Lauderdale community, that's none other than Comfort Zone Air Conditioning! Our techs will do a thorough job of cleaning, tuning up, and perfecting your HVAC system to help it keep running smoothly season after season. Call us for professional AC maintenance services and get on the path to significant savings in your household!


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