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AC Maintenance & Tune-Ups Can Extend Your Fort Lauderdale HVAC Equipment Lifespan

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Comfort Zone Air Conditioning is your go-to for expert AC maintenance in the Fort Lauderdale area. We know that quality air conditioning tune-ups are the key to keeping your HVAC system running smoothly and preventing poor performance. That's why we encourage property owners to schedule this service at least twice a year. AC maintenance once in the spring and once in the fall will get your system ready for heavier use in the summer and winter and will help ensure that it doesn't break down when you need it most.

Prevent Repairs

AC repair may be unavoidable in some situations, but with routine maintenance services, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and mechanical problems. This results in fewer repair costs and better overall performance from your AC system over the years.

Help Your Unit Last

Modern AC units are built to last approximately 15 years, but they'll only reach this lifespan if they get the proper cleaning and maintenance they need. If you neglect to schedule these services as recommended, then you could very well end up facing replacement costs years before you should. Cleaning and maintaining your HVAC system ensures that its parts and components don't give out before their time and can help you avoid a premature system breakdown.

Stay Within Warranty Requirements

If your AC unit is covered under a manufacturer warranty, then it's likely that AC maintenance is one of the requirements for keeping said warranty active. Failing to schedule maintenance services as needed could result in your warranty being voided, leaving you to cover all further costs out of pocket. To ensure that you stay within your warranty regulations, it's best to stay on top of AC maintenance calls as recommended.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

AC maintenance not only helps your AC run better and last longer but also creates a healthier living space for you and your family by improving your home's indoor air quality. Maintenance calls supply your AC system with fresh air filters that prevent dust and other allergens from circulating throughout your home. This provides you with a cleaner, more comfortable environment for your family and helps prevent the rise of allergic conditions in your household.

Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency

You may not realize it, but things like clogged air filters and malfunctioning parts can put a burden on your AC system and cause it to consume more electricity to meet cooling demands. This sticks you with higher utility bills that can add up throughout the year. AC maintenance addresses these problems and ensures they don't cause a dip in your home's energy efficiency.

What To Expect During An Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Maintenance calls give your air conditioning contractor the chance to inspect your system and correct any small problems before they become more serious and cause hazards. They'll also change out dirty air filters, check refrigerant levels, clean dirty coils and dusty motors, and apply lubrication if necessary. Once they're finished, they'll give you a report of their work and provide a recommended date for your AC's next maintenance service.

Call Comfort Zone Air Conditioning For Top-Quality AC Services

Comfort Zone Air Conditioning is the superior Fort Lauderdale air conditioning contractor you can rely on to keep your AC system working at its best. Through our expert AC repair, maintenance, and installation services, we'll ensure that your home stays cool and comfortable even during the hottest days of the year. We offer a complete satisfaction guarantee, and our team is known for providing only the finest in customer service. Call us when you need AC maintenance in Fort Lauderdale and get quality work from professionals you can trust!


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