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AC Installation To Upgrade Your Fort Lauderdale Home's Comfort Systems

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Comfort Zone Air Conditioning is your top AC installation expert in Fort Lauderdale. We specialize in outfitting your home or commercial property with the ideal new air conditioner to fit its specific cooling needs, and we'll be able to recommend products that fit your budget. Whether you need installation for a new construction project, or you need to replace an outdated unit, our team has you covered. We'll provide exceptional customer service from the time you phone us until the job is finished. Contact us when you need reliable AC installation in Fort Lauderdale and let us equip your home with a top-grade air conditioning unit that will last for years to come!

Is It Time For A New Air Conditioner

When your AC starts breaking down or underperforming, it may be hard to tell if you need repairs or if it's finally time to invest in a replacement. Below we've compiled some of the tell-tale signs that your AC unit is nearing the end of its service life, so you can know if it's time for a new one.


Air conditioning units typically only last around 15 years. As they inch closer to this mark, you'll likely notice a decline in their performance or find yourself scheduling repair jobs more frequently. Dealing with an outdated AC unit can be a never-ending pain in the neck, especially with the high humidity and temperatures in Florida. That's why you shouldn't delay calling us about a new unit. We'll help you find an affordable replacement that will be able to meet your home's needs with ease.


An outdated or defective AC unit will draw more electricity than it should to keep up with the cooling demands of your house. This results in higher utility bills for you and an overall decreased energy efficiency for your home. When this situation arises, it makes more sense to invest in a new unit that will work effectively and put a stop to the high energy costs.

Frequency Of Repairs

If you find yourself scheduling AC repairs multiple times within a year, then it could be time for a replacement unit. Constant repairs are a strain on your finances, a recurring hassle, and only a temporary fix for an AC unit that's past its prime. Instead of continuously suffering through bouts of poor air conditioning and paying out for repair after repair, you should reach out to your air conditioning contractor about a replacement unit. New units will run flawlessly and likely won't need repairs for quite a while.

Cooling Capability

You've adjusted your thermostat over and over, checked the settings, and yet still can't seem to get your house cool enough. Don't worry, you're not going crazy. What's more likely is that your AC unit just isn't up to the task of regulating your home's indoor temperature. If your AC consistently underperforms despite repairs and inspections, then it's time to upgrade to a new unit.

Keep Your New Unit In Perfect Shape With AC Maintenance

After an AC installation on your property, it's safe to say that you'll want to protect this new investment in any way you can. That's where Comfort Zone Air Conditioning's AC maintenance service comes in handy. Maintenance calls provide the additional cleaning and care needed to keep your AC system in good shape and prevent damage and malfunctions. During a typical maintenance appointment, our technicians will inspect your system and correct any small problems before they become more serious. They'll also change out clogged air filters, check refrigerant levels, clean dirty coils and dusty motors, and give you a full report once they're finished. Routine AC maintenance is the key to keeping your AC running smoothly and maximizing its service life. It'll also get your system ready for heavier use in the summer season.

Comfort Zone Air Conditioning: Your Dependable Fort Lauderdale AC Expert

When you need a dependable air conditioning contractor in Fort Lauderdale, look no further than the team at Comfort Zone Air Conditioning! We take the care and satisfaction of our customers to heart, and we vow to make every AC installation quick, easy, and worry-free for each client. We'll have your home or commercial property cool and refreshing in no time, so don't hesitate to call us today!


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